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Marbella castle wall

The town of Marbella is full of: shops, bars, restaurants and has an old picturesque city centre. The beaches are magnificent and there are many quality golf courses. It is no accident that the rich and famous regularly come to Marbella. It simply has style to spare.

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Form our apartment, the old centre is quickly reached, by simply strolling along the boulevard until one reaches a wide marble street with lots of original bronze sculptures by Dali (a local hero). Around the apartment, on the boulevard and behind it, there are also many shops, bars, supermarkets and restaurants.

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Marbella is famous for its unique microclimate, which results in a nice cool sea breeze whenever it gets hot on the mountain behind it. It is possible for one person to be cooking in the sun while the other, sitting right beside in the shade, is perfectly cool.

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Apart from Marbella there are plenty, of beautiful and interesting places in the Costa del Sol, reachable by bus or rented car. Gibraltar, Marokko, Málaga, Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Jaén, Granada, Mérida, Ojén, Ronda, San Pedro, Sevilla and Torremolinos.

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Please remember to take your passports if you go to Gibraltar or Marokko. Personally we prefer not to travel inland during the summer as it gets very hot. It is also quite nice to walk to Puerto Banús and take the bus or boot back.

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