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Marbella_Beach_1 (71K) Gibraltar (38K) is a high satisfaction apartment for rent in the centre of Marbella. Great sea view, just 10 meters from the beach 1, large swimming pool, fast Wi-Fi internet, air-conditioning, satellite TV, central heating 2, luxury kitchen, parking, etc... It was completely refurbished in 2010.

Torbella_PoolToLand (42K) Torbella_Pool (19K) Torbella_Balcony (38K) Torbella_PoolToSea (17K)

Our apartment is one of the few in Marbella, with windows at the back and at the front, so it can take full advantage of Marbella's unique microclimate. This creates a cool sea breeze flowing through the apartment and it also allows you to hear the waves breaking on the beach. Basically it's like sitting under a palm tree. Of course, air-conditioning is also installed, for the rare days when there is no sea breeze. But normally we prefer not to use it as you lose the seaside feeling due to the closed windows and the stale air.

Torbella_Kitchen (35K) Torbella_Bathroom (15K) Torbella_Shower (19K) Torbella_Bedroom (29K)

The apartment has a bathroom with a; walk in shower, bidet, toilet, mirror and sink. The open kitchen has a: microwave oven, four pit electric cooking hob, granite worktop, washing machine, dishwasher, large fridge with separate freezer, electric water kettle and a toaster. The lounge has a satellite TV/Radio, DVD / USB player and a two-person sofa bed. The bedroom has two beds and a large wardrobe with mirrors. The large balcony has a great sea view and is perfect for romantic dinners. The use of our parking permit is free (we do not garantee a parking space, and the permit is not availible in top season) but there is a € 150 deposit required to use it (which you get back at the end of your stay).

Torbella_MainRoom (36K) Torbella_Lounge (34K) Torbella_LookingIn (35K)

Please note that, we strive to be the best, not the cheapest. It is simply not possible to be both. As being the best costs us quite a bit extra. You cannot create a dream house by always going for the cheapest option. We are cheaper than a hotel, the living space is about twice the size, our inventory standard is a lot higher than most hotels, we have more appliances and we don't mind you taking your own food and drinks into the room.

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1 10 m From the beach to our garden, 63 m from the beach in a strait line up to our balcony.
2 The central heating is only switched on when the community of the building deems it is necessary.

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