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Stonehenge_Burger, best burger in Marbella
I created this hamburger! It is the best burger in Marbella. Chicken liver pate, cheese, onions, spicy jam and very good meat for the burger.

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   Bus (26K)

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'Salida desde" means "Leaving from".

The bus from Malaga airport to Marbella is quite good and a lot cheaper than a taxi. It goes to the central bus station in Marbella from where you can take a taxi. Alternatively you good take another bus to the centre. But with a suitcase that is probably not a good idea.

The Spanish don't like Gibraltar so take the bus to LA L═NEA. From there it is only a little walk to Gibraltar. Don't forget to take your passport. If you plan to buy any duty free in Gibraltar check the prices on the internet first and calculate what they would be without VAT. And then haggle on Gibraltar to get a good price. And don't forget the customs officers on the border who will want you to pay the VAT when you enter Spain.

Have a nice trip.

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